New York for Less Than £1.500 in Business Class Sale!

New York for Less Than £1,500 in Business Class Sale!

Be quick – the BA Sale lasts only for a few days. We found return NYC flights in Business Class for less than £1,300 return including taxes! Build up your Avios for less, and have an amazing trip! 🙂

Trying to grab a seat at the front of the plane using cash (yes cash!) often leads to eye-watering, wallet-sobbing, cash-only prices appearing on the screen. Recently a one-way business class flight from Colorado to London was priced at almost £10,000. OK fair enough it was 24 hours before departure but the moral here is that even Business Class now is becoming out of reach for most people.

That’s why those ever-important sales and booking as much as possible in advance can help steady the nerves. Searches now (September 2019) are uncovering flights in August 2020 to New York from London are showing for less than £1,500.

BA Business Class flights to New York from less than £1,500 return

This will also earn you 10,374 Avios and those much coveted Tier Miles (I don’t talk much about Tier Miles as personally these can not be hacked or increased apart from boarding a plane. The benefits aren’t exactly amazing, like Lounge Access, unless you fly 50 times a year with BA! As that rules out 99.9% of pretty much everyone, I’ll take a side step to the subject).

If you are in a position to start your Holiday shopping now, there are some good cash-only bargains to be had.

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